Listed below is the leadership and current members of Chapter’s Council for the Connecticut Chapter. Officers and Council Member terms expire at the Annual Meeting. Membership for all Committees is open to any active (dues paying) member of the Chapter. Please contact the Committe Chair directly or the Executive Director for more information.

The Commission on Cancer, the Young Surgeon’s Committee, the Resident’s Committee, the Committee on Trauma and the Senior Surgeons Committee all hold their annual meetings at the CTACSPA Annual Meeting each year.

October 2017- October 2018

President – Kimberly Davis, MD, MBA, FACS
President-Elect – Alan Meinke, MD, FACS
VP, Annual Meeting – Royd Fukumoto, MD, FACS and Adrian Maung, MD, FACS
VP, Membership – Alan Meinke, MD, FACS
VP Legislative –  Kathleen LaVorgna, MD, FACS
Secretary – Felix Lui, MD, FACS
Treasurer – David Shapiro, MD, MHCM, FACS
Immediate Past President – Michael Deren, MD, FACS
Governor-at-Large – Philip Corvo, MD, MA, FACS (eff. 10/2015)
Governor-at-Large – Kathleen LaVorgna, MD, FACS (eff. 10/2017)

Specialty Society Governors:
Kimberly Davis, MD, FACS  – American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST)
Helen Pass, MD, FACS – American Society of Breast Surgeons

Terms Expiring in 2018
Royd Fukumoto, MD, FACS
Matthew Hubbard, MD, FACS
Adrian Maung, MD, FACS
Stephanie Montgomery, MD, FACS
Richard Weiss, MD, FACS

Terms Expiring in 2019
Kevin Dwyer, MD, FACS
Shea Gregg, MD, FACS
J. Alexander Palesty, MD, FACS
Brian Shames, MD, FACS
Rekha Singh, MD, FACS

Committee Leadership
Legislative Committee & HPAC Delegate – Kathleen LaVorgna, MD, FACS
Membership Committee – Alan Meinke, MD, FACS
Patient Safety & Quality – Philip Corvo, MD, FACS
Program Committee – Royd Fukumoto, MD, FACS and Adrian Maung, MD, FACS
Senior Surgeons – Scott Kurtzman, MD, FACS
Young Fellows & Resident Committee Mentor – Stephanie Montgomery MD, FACS and David Shapiro, MD, MHCM, FACS

Ex-Officio Members
Geoffrey Nadzam, MD, FACS – CT Chapter ASMBS Liaison
Brendan Campbell – Chairman, CT Committee on Trauma – Term ends in 2020
Lenworth Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS – ACS Board of Regents
Christine Van Cott, MD, FACS – Director Commission on Cancer
Swathi Reddy, MD – Chair, Resident Committee


Executive Director
Christopher M. Tasik
65 High Ridge Road
PMB 275
Stamford 06905
O: 203-674-0747
F: 203-621-3023