Women in Surgery Committee

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Women in Surgery Committee

We are delighted to share with you the rejuvenation of our Women in Surgery committee at the Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Surgeons!

Our mission is to enable the women surgeons of Connecticut of all disciplines to develop as professionals through education, advocacy, sponsorship, and engagement. Over the past year, we have been busy setting up our mission and organizing a thoughtful path to serve the women surgeons in our chapter. We have also created a junior council for new attending surgeons to facilitate transition to practice, leadership development, mentorship, and sponsorship.

Our first event is an exclusive session at our annual conference on Friday, October 8, with Connecticut Children’s VP and Chief of Marketing and Communications, Deb Pappas, who will hone in the art of personal branding. More than ever before, it is vitally important for doctors and healthcare professionals to differentiate themselves amid the intensely competitive and changing world of healthcare delivery. Join us to learn exactly what personal branding is, ways to build your brand through thought leadership, and how to write and refine your own narrative.

Your attendance and participation is strongly encouraged as we look forward to the increase in participation of women surgeons in our local chapter. We look forward to meeting new and familiar faces. See you there!

Christine Finck, Chair
Roselle Crombie, Vice Chair

Tune in for candid conversations with women in surgery from Connecticut Children’s – a premier, regional pediatric health care system. Topics range from emerging research to career advice to the unique challenges female surgeons face when breaking into in a male-dominated field. Click the logo below!

  • Christine Finck, Chair (2021-2022)
  • Roselle Crombie, Vice Chair (2021-2022)
  • Amanda Ayers, Secretary (2021-2022)
  • Kristen Glasgow
  • Linda Barry
  • Stephanie Montgomery
  • Christine Rader
  • Katerina Dukleska, Chair (Connecticut Children’s)
  • Lindsay Bliss (UCONN)
  • Maija Chung (Yale)
  • Laura Healy (UCONN)
  • Jane Keating (Hartford Hospital)

Our current programs:

08 October 2021 – CTACSPA Annual Meeting – Deb Pappas, Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Connecticut Children’s, Building Your Personal Brand



Upcoming programs:

  • How to Build your Practice
  • Financial Planning