The Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Professional Association sponsors an annual Excellence in Surgical Sciences award to a graduating senior medical student at the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University, the University of Connecticut and the Yale University School of Medicine.

We sponsor this award to stimulate student interest in the surgical disciplines and to recognize outstanding achievement in these areas. The award is not restricted to excellence in general surgery or a specific surgical sub-specialty. Rather, we feel that the student showing the best overall performance in any of the surgical disciplines be considered by each institution for receipt of this prize.

We are pleased to join other professional societies who are recognizing outstanding academic achievement in the graduating medical student. We hope that these annual awards continue to stimulate students at the medical schools in Connecticut towards excellent academic achievements in surgery.

Award Recipients

University of Connecticut School of MedicineFrank H. Netter MD School of MedicineYale School of Medicine
2020Rebecca Lynn Calafiore, M.D.Seija Maniskas, M.D.Thais Faggion Vinholo, M.D.
2019Nicholas Caminiti, M.D.Ashkaun Razmara, M.D.Elliot Morse, M.D.
2018Sarah Grout, M.D.Kayla Bassett, M.D.Carla Marisa Lopez, M.D.
2017Dardan Beqiri, M.D.Timothy Kirk O’Rourke, M.D.Parwiz Abrahami, M.D.
2016Jenaya L. Goldwag, M.D.Oliver Jawitz, M.D.
2015Lisamarie Di Pasquale, M.D.James Edward Tooley, III, M.D
2014Kastley Marvin, M.D.Brooks Udelsman, M.D.
2013Mary Belniak, M.D.Joshua Leinwand, M.D.
2012Nimit Patel, M.D.Jill Carol Rubenstein, M.D.
2011Arya Varthi, M.D.Matthew Hornick, M.D.
2010Jonathan Romak, M.D.Joshua Weiner, M.D.
2009Aleksandra Krajewski, M.D.Aaron Remenschneider, M.D.
2008Keren Aviva Bashan, M.D.Misaki Kiguchi, M.D.